Organic fine silver and sterling silver wearable art.

I started my Etsy shop after I had shopped on Etsy and found it to be a fun and pleasant shopping experience. It was a learning process, as a newbie to Etsy it took time and alot of re-doing items, pictures, descriptions, pricing. It continues to be a work in progress and I have learned alot and enjoyed the path.

My Etsy shop originated with just a few items and in time grew. I learned the trade of silversmithing during my middle years, kids were in college, I had some extra time to fill. I live in a community rich in artists and talented craftsmen. Taking classes from local artists and deciding which medium to concentrate on, I fell in love with silver and fusing.

Once set up in a studio in my home I started gathering tools and equipment to start designing handmade fine silver and sterling silver jewelry. With a roll of fine silver wire in one hand and a butane torch in the other, I started creating earrings, pendants and bracelets. Once again, it is a work in progress and takes much practice to achieve a quality product.

Today, I feel that my products are unique, made with care and attention to detail. I take alot of pride in completing a quality product. I want my customers to have a piece of jewelry that they can enjoy and wear for many years.

I love what I do, the creative process and the rewarding feeling once a piece is complete and ready to sell. Keeping it simple and finding energy in simplicity.

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